Lighters & Torches

From fun, stylish BIC lighters, to authentic Zippo’s and elegant cigar torches, Riverhead Beer & Smoke Shop keeps our lighter game on point!

We also carry lighter fluid refills (Ronsonol, Zippo brand) and butane (Power 5X, Vector, Newport. . .) for refillable lighters as well. Whether you need a cheap .50 cent light, or you’re looking for a new mini torch, drop on by and find the right lighter for you!

Some of the brands we carry:

  • Zippo (Made in USA)
  • Vector (Made in USA)
  • Newport
  • Zico
  • Scorch Torch
  • Joban

Looking for a great gift that will last a lifetime? How about an authentic US-made Zippo? Visit Riverhead Beer & Smoke Shop to view our Zippo inventory. Updated monthly!